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Wrapfest 2011! 


Our 8th consecutive year!!!


Wrapfest was started five years ago by Belver Ladson of It was recognized by her that the small work at home candy wrapping professional as well as the individual looking to start a work at home business and looking to personalized candy wrapping needed a place to come and learn the ins and outs of the business,  and to have fun doing so.


Trade shows are a huge part of many different types of businesses. Shows where you can go walk an exhibit area to get new ideas or perhaps learn about now concepts to add to your existing business. Shows where you can go and source out products you are interested in or products you currently buy for your business that you did not know others sold at possibly even cheaper prices. Shows where you can go sit in a conference room for 1, 2, or even 3 or more hours and walk out with a notebook of ideas and a migraine from the overload of information in your head.


But how on earth do you convince 300-400 small home based businesses to spend $300-$800 for airfare and $150-$300 a night for hotel rooms?

Trade show Comparison:

$300-$800 for Airfare, $150-$300 for hotel room, TOTALLY ONLINE CONVENTION PRICELESS!




Wrapfest is the only online convention that caters to the personalized candy wrapper business industry. The only place where you can go to a trade show/convention for candy wrapping professionals in your PJ's and sit at the kitchen table, couch or small home office and still feel like you are truly part of the action.


Wrapfest is a completely online trade show/convention that takes place over the course of 4 days, this year October 19-22, 2011. There are a minimum of 11 one hour conferences jam packed with ideas to help learn how to start, market and be the best, most successful, home based business you can be. In addition there are many vendors with specials and meet and greet sessions where you can actually chat with them and learn everything you can about their business and their products right from your home.


Wrapfest is completely dedicated to giving you helpful ideas, strategies, motivation and information to get you started or help you grow your existing home based personalized home based candy bar wrapping business.


Every year we put long hours into planning out Wrapfest, coming up with a theme and lists for seminars. This year Wrapfest 2011! has a theme this year entitled “Believe It and Achieve It!”. So many small business owners have a hard time believing in themselves let alone their business!  Our goal this year is to teach and motivate you to be the best business you can be. We will teach you how to get out there and sell the products and, ultimately, your business to the best of your ability, motivating you to make more sales.


I have been personally involved with Wrapfest since it’s inception in 2004. Belver and I took great pride in producing a better show for all levels of personalized home based businesses each and every year. There is a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes that goes into producing Wrapfest each year so that you,  the attendee can sit back with a mound of information and prioritize some lists for yourself of ideas and accomplishments you wish to tackle throughout the coming year to help grow your business. Each year this challenge becomes harder to accomplish but ALWAYS proves to make Wrapfest Bigger and Better.


Wrapfest is not only a great place to exchange ideas and thoughts but to meet, greet and network with other personalized candy throughout the world.


Wrapfest also offers what we call a “Goodie Bag” to all attendees each year. In this goodie bag there are usually lots of free graphics, wrapper templates, eBooks, samples and coupons, all of which are downloadable when the convention starts for immediate and exclusive use. The value of this “Goodie Bag” always surpasses the nominal cost of admission to Wrapfest. In addition there are also “Door Prizes” donated from various vendors that all attendees are automatically entered into drawings for, that are done at the end of the live convention. This year’s grand prize is a personal computer and laser printer. Many more prizes will certainly be added to this grand prize list as Wrapfest gets closer to the convention date. There are also a great deal of other prizes ranging from gift certificates, computer hardware, and graphics that are awarded to lucky winners. See our prize list page for more information on the prizes.


If you still have questions on what Wrapfest 2011! is all about attend one of our free Wrapfest 2011! Kick Off Parties. This party is free to anyone.  You do not have to be a Wrapfest attendee to attend this special party.


Be sure to take advantage of our special early bird discounts and register today! This is the one online trade show/convention that your small home based business can not afford to miss out on!


Wrap it up and sell it out – join Wrapfest 2011! today and in 2012 you will "Belive It and Achieve It"  and take you and your business beyond your wildest imaginations and dreams!


Hope to see you all there!


Rich Fallon

Occasion Essentials




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Wrapfest 2011! October 19-22, 2011
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